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We treat

Spinal misalignment
Work-related injuries
Sports injuries
Auto injuries
Disc herniations
Back pain
Neck pain
Back injury
Neck injury

Apex Chiropractic is located in Santa Monica and provides beneficial chiropractic care to patients from all over the city of Los Angeles.

At Apex Chiropractic, we specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, auto and work-related injuries. Whiplash caused by car accidents, muscle strain and joint pain caused from high impact sports may lead to permanent degeneration of the spine and other joints if not treated properly and early. Knowing the signs and getting the appropriate chiropractic help to treat the sports injuries or car injuries can prevent them from becoming nagging chronic pain problems.

Dr. Curtis Arndt is an experienced Chiropractor located in Santa Monica. He treats auto and sports-related injuries.

Santa Monica - Los Angeles

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